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The quality of the water in your home  has a direct effect on the overall health of your family.  NJ Plumbing and HVAC can help you identify any water issues you may be having and recommend the appropriate solutions to fix the problem.  Give us a call, and one of our water treatment system experts can stop out to give you a quote.

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New Jersey Water Treatment Experts

Investing in a whole house water treatment system can benefit your family in many ways.  Our professionals are licensed, and trained on the proper ways to install your equipment.

Most water treatment systems include one or more of the following pieces of equipment.:

Water Softeners

If you have soap scum in the shower, spots on your dishes, or you see mineral deposits around faucets, you have hard water.  A water softener will remove the minerals that are causing these problems.  People with dry skin often times see their skin improve after getting a water softener because the soap rinses off their body better, so it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Whole house carbon filters

This filter will remove chlorine in the water, making it more suitable for drinking as well as for showering.  Chlorine can actually be toxic to people and is quickly absorbed through consumption and your skin.  Removing it will  provide you a much healthier life.

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems

A reverse osmosis system removes almost all the particulates in the water, leaving you the purest form of drinking water you can get.  This is the same process used by purified drinking water companies to make the name brand bottled water.

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